Healthy Clothes

What goes on your skin is just as important as what you eat.


Bright Colors

Our dyeing techniques allow us to develop beautiful, vibrant colors. We only use dyes that are colorfast and lightfast.


Lab Dips

Precision lab dips ensure a quality product. We work with you to guarantee your specifications such as color and pattern.


Skin Friendly

We don’t use harsh chemicals, heavy metals, or any bad stuff that irritates your skin. Avoid Textile Contact Dermatitis by using natural dyes.

Build Your Brand

Consumers are choosing Slow Fashion over cheap, throwaway textiles made overseas. Our branding lets your consumers know they’re purchasing sustainable goods.


Social, Environmental, and Economic. We support local farms, eliminate toxic externalities, and provide great jobs.

We naturally dye your product based on your specifications. We dye using sustainably grown and wild collected dyestuff, giving plant and protein fibers a beautiful, natural look.

Our dyes are safe for sensitive skin. If your customers worry about allergies and chemical reactions to dyes, they will love using naturally dyed products.

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