Our values

We value creativity, diversity, sustainability, and transparency to name a few. The beauty of the natural world inspires us to be our best, and to enjoy what life has to offer.

Our mission

To provide healthy alternatives to chemical dyes while supporting regional agriculture, providing high quality jobs, and helping to create beautiful products.

Our Vision

To develop a new market for natural dyes in the United States and provide dyeing as a service to textile producers from artisans to multinational brands.

Building your brand

We can include beautiful Preservation Dyehouse tags to be included with your end product. These have our logo and include information about where and when the dyestuff was grown and harvested.

Working with the best

With two decades of experience in natural dyeing, fiber arts, agriculture, and business, the Preservation Dyehouse team offers unmatched expertise.

Project availability

As we scale up operations, we face the challenge of growing production to meet demand. Contact us now to ensure we have space for your products on our production line.

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